Stolen Mercedes Sprinter - Kaunas, Lithuania 2024-01-24

Vit liten lastbils framsida
Vit liten lastbil från sidan
Baklucka av liten öastbil med texten RH Hyr - Fleet Rental Solutions
Liten vit lastbil med liten öppningsbar dörr på sidan

Prislista 2022 - Budbee

This swedish light weight truck were stolen and involved in a fraud against a Swedish rental company in the end of January. It entered Latvia on January 24 and later crossed the border in to Lituania on January 25. It has later been spoted in the area in and around the city of Kaunas.

The truck will most likely have different license plates. There were initially two stolen trucks but the other one has already been found in Kaunas with German license plates. It has some unique characteristics that are special for the Swedish market, please see the red markings on the pictures. It is equipped with a side door on the right side of the cabinet. In addition, the tail lift in the back is from the Swedish brand ZEPRO / Z-Lyften, which is unusual abroad.

If you see the truck or have any information about this, please contact us or the local police. Tips that lead to the truck being found will be rewarded!

You can fill out the form below or contact any of the following persons:

Johannes – or +46 705 741010
Carl – or +46 709 125611
Johan – or +46 736 440044

Thank you!

Contact us here if you know anything!

This is the parking lot where the vehicles last was seen:

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Pictures of the truck (SEM58H)

Pictures of the semitrailer (ZKW537)