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We have extensive experience from the transport industry and know that a sudden need for a replacement vehicle doesn’t always occur during office hours. This is why we are available around the clock, year-round. If it’s urgent you can reach us the fastest by calling 020-123456 (yes, the number is correct). ATTENTION! Are you located abroad? In that case, call +46 (0)8-4772300 instead. In other cases we would appreciate it if you contact us via email or by filling out the form below as we are often on the go. Fill in your contact details, where you are located, which type of vehicle you are interested in and what period you would like to hire the vehicle for. We will always get back to you as fast as we can, most often within one hour.

Are you a private customer? Unfortunately, we no longer hire any vehicles to private customers. We only offer our services to companies who are registered in Sweden.

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Our vehicle hire locations

BorlängeMalte MånsonTunavägen 288
BoråsHedin BilPickesjövägen 2
GävleVeho BilErsbogatan 2
GävleMalte MånsonUtmarksvägen 15
GöteborgHedin BilOrrekulla Industrigata 18
GöteborgRG HyrExportgatan 41B
HalmstadHedin BilOrkangatan 1
HalmstadRG HyrHandelsvägen 13
HelsingborgHedin BilAndesitgatan 18
JordbroMalte MånsonTraversvägen 16
JönköpingHedin BilTallörtsbacken 30
KarlskogaMalte MånsonHangarvägen 17
KarlstadVeho BilKörkarlsvägen
KarlstadMalte MånsonLovartsgatan 9
KristianstadHedin BilÖstra Blekingevägen 12
KristianstadMalte MånsonKällundavägen 285-25
LinköpingHedin BilÅsbjörnsgatan 1
LinköpingMalte MånsonRunstensgatan 1A
MalmöVeho TrucksStaffanstorpsvägen 104
Stockholm GillingeRG HyrGillinge 55, Vallentuna
Stockholm KistaRG HyrKottbygatan 4
Stockholm LännaRG HyrSvarvarvägen 6C
SödertäljeRG HyrSydhamnsvägen 58
SundsvallLandrins BilBergsgatan 120
TibroMalte MånsonKurumsgatan 6
UddevallaHedin BilBrunegårdsvägen 5
UppsalaHedin BilKumlagatan 12
UppsalaMalte MånsonSöderforsgatan 1
VagnhäradÅkerbergs TrafikKalkbruksvägen 12
VästeråsVeho BilWijkmansgatan 1
VästeråsMalte MånsonOmformargatan 8
VäxjöMalte MånsonStinavägen 5
ÖrebroMalte MånsonBerglundavägen 10A
ÖrebroVeho BilBerglundavägen 3C

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Mon. - Fri.
08:00 - 17:00
Upon agreement

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Call us at +46(0)8-477 23 00 around the clock, year-round!