Our story.

RG Hyr has provided unique vehicle hire solutions since 2017.

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Those of us who operate RG Hyr are a gang of enthusiastic people with a broad background in the transport world, where we operated a haulage firm until 2017. This is why we know what the haulier needs, how things usually are when it comes to forward planning and the margins that prevail in the industry. Since 2017, we have put all our focus on creating a vehicle hire solution that suits all hauliers, both large and small. Our motto is that vehicle hire should be uncomplicated, you should receive a fast decision and pricing should be reasonable.

We have a wide range of vehicles and with all likelihood we will always be able to help you, as we usually have vehicles in stock that are ready for delivery. No matter where you are located in Sweden, we can collect and drop off our vehicles at the place and time of your choice. Has your current vehicle been in an accident, broken down or do you simply lack capacity for a temporary assignment? Call us around the clock, on weekends or nights, we are always here.

We have also been responsible for operations at MABI Truck Rental in Sweden since the 1st of December 2020. On the same day the following year, which is the 1st of December 2021, Bilia (formerly Upplands Motor) chose to cease its vehicle hire business and focus on its core business instead. We were entrusted with continuing the vehicle hire business in our own name and this led to us starting our first two depots in the Stockholm region. Our common ambition is that together we will become the market’s top vehicle hire partner for the freight transport sector!

We know that the transport industry never stops operating. Our capacity, breadth, extreme flexibility and service level make us quite unique. Try us out when you need help and you won’t be disappointed.

Our Customer Promises

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Often, we read nice sounding, well-written texts about how good a company says they are. The problem is that many don’t actually live up to what they promise. Our vision is that our customers will be 100% satisfied. Through the following customer promises we put pressure on ourselves to live up to what we say we will do. This is why we will always do our utmost to work according to these promises: