Long-term hire

Hiring a vehicle is a more modern alternative to owning a vehicle!

The transport industry is under continuous development and those of us who see the industry from the outside note how trends change.
Long-term hire is becoming more and more common, primarily because the assignment becomes shorter and there is uncertainty as to whether the assignment will or will not happen. Lead times have also become shorter, i.e., the time from when the assignment is decided until the supplier shall get started. In light of the current situation with many delivery problems and long delivery times, a long-term rental solution is quite a fantastic alternative.

Leasing or hiring?
These two are closely related but should not be mixed up. The biggest difference is that in a rental solution one party is less involved, i.e., there is no finance company involved in the solution. This makes it easier for you, the hirer, to break the hire contract or alternatively change the vehicle, something that is much more difficult (and more costly) during a conventional lease.

We are used to long-term hires and we tailor long-term lease solutions to suit our customers.

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Advantages of hiring your vehicle long-term