Road Assistance and Claims

Sometimes accidents happen and we want you to feel secure and know that we are there to help you in the best way possible. We have agreements with a number of actors and always try to find the best and most cost-effective solution. If you encounter a problem while on the road, we will contact Falck Vägassistans, we also have a national agreement with Euromaster in case you have a flat tyre. What is most important is that you contact us at once, so that we can guide you in the right direction.

Link to file a notification of claim: Notification of Claim (PDF)

Carefully Fill in the notification of claim and then email it to us at

Selection of collaborative partners

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Please note that as our customer you must always contact us first and we will contact the supplier. This is because there may be local deviations depending on where the incident occurred.

If an accident happens

  1. In the event of personal injury, help the injured and phone the emergency services on 112.
  2. Ensure that you and anyone else involved is located in a safe place.
  3. Contact us at 020-123456and describe what has happened, we will make a joint decision as to how we should proceed and if/what towing company should be contacted.
  4. Note the vehicle registration number for any other vehicles involved.
  5. Get the contact details for any witnesses.
  6. Take photos of the site and of the vehicle(s) and/or property that has been damaged.
  7. Fill in the notification of claimand send it, plus the photos to